Failure of Success

Why do we fear the word “failure”? Is it because we’re frightened to start-over again ? to be criticized? To be declined? Or we’re afraid that our society will disgrace us.

Nowadays, we avoid hearing that we’re a failure without acknowledging that it has been a colossal part of success. Mistakes, disappointments, and Failures are part of every success story. They have one thing in common – they never give up, work harder, think smarter, and make sure that they will never commit the same mistakes.

One good example was the K-pop group, BTS they were launched last June 13, 2013, but failed to be recognized. Nobody believed them, criticized them for their appearances, and doubted their skills.

But, this didn’t stop them from chasing their dreams. Eventually, they proved us wrong, and step by step, they made their name in K-pop history as the most successful K-pop group that invaded the world.

Don’t let failure stop you from chasing your goals. Always remember that God loves his children. Failure means he’s developing you for his better plans. Don’t make failure define your success. Keep doing your best and if no one is proud of you, be proud of yourself.

Published by alexmoreno2231

I am a bachelor of science in mathematics graduate with high critical and analytical skills. Extremely motivated to continue developing my skills and grow professionally. I am confident in my knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and adjust efficiently to a new environment. I promise to provide the optimal service level in every task given to me.

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