Postpartum Journey

At the age of 23, I gave birth to an adorable baby girl. I feel overwhelming joy and excitement But, Time had passed this drastically changed to aggravation, resentment, and deserted.

I’m experiencing postpartum depression, which is most common to moms after giving birth. It’s a powerful emotion from excitement and joy that changes to fear and anxiety.

I put myself in a situation wherein I wanted to get rid of this emptiness and decided to run and go to a place where I can be alone and leave everything behind.

At this moment, one of my closest friends tried to contact me. He patiently tried to explain that I am not alone.

I have God, my family, and my daughter. They help me to overcome my postpartum depression. So, blessed to have them as my support system.

They never leave me through the process, reminds me of what I have, and show how supportive they are. I always remind myself of how lucky I was to be a mother.

God has given me a best friend that will listen and stay with me when things get rough. Trials do make us stronger and create a better version of ourselves.

Published by alexmoreno2231

I am a bachelor of science in mathematics graduate with high critical and analytical skills. Extremely motivated to continue developing my skills and grow professionally. I am confident in my knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and adjust efficiently to a new environment. I promise to provide the optimal service level in every task given to me.

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