Failure of Success

Why do we fear the word “failure”? Is it because we’re frightened to start-over again ? to be criticized? To be declined? Or we’re afraid that our society will disgrace us.

Nowadays, we avoid hearing that we’re a failure without acknowledging that it has been a colossal part of success. Mistakes, disappointments, and Failures are part of every success story. They have one thing in common – they never give up, work harder, think smarter, and make sure that they will never commit the same mistakes.

One good example was the K-pop group, BTS they were launched last June 13, 2013, but failed to be recognized. Nobody believed them, criticized them for their appearances, and doubted their skills.

But, this didn’t stop them from chasing their dreams. Eventually, they proved us wrong, and step by step, they made their name in K-pop history as the most successful K-pop group that invaded the world.

Don’t let failure stop you from chasing your goals. Always remember that God loves his children. Failure means he’s developing you for his better plans. Don’t make failure define your success. Keep doing your best and if no one is proud of you, be proud of yourself.


Postpartum Journey

At the age of 23, I gave birth to an adorable baby girl. I feel overwhelming joy and excitement But, Time had passed this drastically changed to aggravation, resentment, and deserted.

I’m experiencing postpartum depression, which is most common to moms after giving birth. It’s a powerful emotion from excitement and joy that changes to fear and anxiety.

I put myself in a situation wherein I wanted to get rid of this emptiness and decided to run and go to a place where I can be alone and leave everything behind.

At this moment, one of my closest friends tried to contact me. He patiently tried to explain that I am not alone.

I have God, my family, and my daughter. They help me to overcome my postpartum depression. So, blessed to have them as my support system.

They never leave me through the process, reminds me of what I have, and show how supportive they are. I always remind myself of how lucky I was to be a mother.

God has given me a best friend that will listen and stay with me when things get rough. Trials do make us stronger and create a better version of ourselves.

Freelancing and Innovation towards Excellence

What is freelancing?

Freelancing represents a person works for themselves, rather than for a business. They provide professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Freelancing jobs are in-demand in our country and across the globe. Our technologies and way of working are innovating where business evolves from an office set-up to a virtual set-up with a multi-skills person that’s why opportunities for freelancers are increasing.

Why do we need to innovate?

As of now, we have a tremendous demand for freelancers but the need for people to do the job. Most of us lack abilities, experiences, and we are afraid to grow. Filipinos possess this mindset that they want to apply for a position in a certain company rather than taking a risk as a freelancer. People are afraid of risk and self-innovation, thinking to fail in the process that’s why we choose to stay in our comfort zone and limit the risk of failure. We’ll never know that we are good at it if we’ll never try to take the risk.

The helping hand.

FVA with the primary goal is to create one freelancer per family and promote work-life balance. They help each family to become closer and change their lives. While FVA Academy, gave us a helping hand to be professional freelancers. They guide, mentor and help us with the things that we need to learn until the very end. With this guidance, together we innovate to reach our best potential. We grow and step by step have our self-innovation. 

The benefit of innovating and growing

Our Environment is emerging to its digital generation, Online workers or known as “freelancers“ is a fast-growing industry today. We are obliged to equip ourselves with these digital transformations and have our self-innovation working. We need to start stepping up and get ready for the future. 

In this together we innovate to have a better future and move towards excellence. As we transform and evolve, we are constantly working to elevate ourselves from others and to the new normal moreover, this is a critical part of success.

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